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Over the past year, we have seen several well-known QSR brands re-design their interiors. Those stores saw sales increases as high as 35% percent compared to stores that did not receive the renovations. We see this trend of modern interior environments, specifically those that reflect the QSR brand’s roots, continuing strong through this year and beyond. Looking for restaurant design inspiration to enhance your next project? We’ve compiled a list of 6 stunning design elements to help inspire restaurant brands in the creation of their unique spaces.


Poured – The Arterra Contemporary Collection

A modern, industrial wall panel inspired by cement surfaces and structures. Poured gives your QSR design the authentic look and feel of cement without a complex installation process.


 Barn – Savant Decorative Walls

This lightweight panel brings an earthy and rustic warmth by having a natural wood finish molded to match rustic wood planks. Savant’s pressed and molded panels can be used in multiple uses, such as covering doors, wall panels, and fixtures.


 Country – Arterra Brick Collection

Country brick brings a historic element to your space with its carefully-crafted, weathered texture. Influenced by European industrial-era building techniques, our Country brick brings a modern twist to the brick wall panel with its durable, real stone surface and easy installation process. Country brick infuses a rhythm and rarity in your design that enhances the experience of your space.


Imagitect – Impact Graphics

Durable graphics engineered to sustain high traffic. Incorporate branding, messaging, custom graphics and patterns, and wayfinding wherever you choose. Protect your restaurant’s interior walls and fixtures with complete Design Freedom.


Hexis – Euphoria Decorative Wall Screens

Separate yourself from the crowd with Hexis. Designed to divide a space without impeding flow or sight lines, Hexis creates a stunning look for your restaurant with its unique honeycomb design. Our Euphoria screens can be customized with integrated frames and vibrant core options.


Stacked – Arterra Heritage Collection

A modern twist on a classic material, our Stacked wall panel is cast from real stone and made with a crushed-stone surface. Each form is carefully crafted with a strong attention to detail, ensuring an authentic look that will anchor your QSR design. Whether you are looking to bring forward a modern or classic ambiance, Stacked elegantly reflects its nature of a high quality design.


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