How to use wall protection in your hotel
(without sacrificing design)

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Creating a hotel space that blends with the community, reflects the branded vision, and has a clear sense of place is not an easy task. When you add functionality and maintenance requirements to run an efficient facility atop that, the perfect design seems unattainable. Is it possible for designers and brands to achieve the design they envision along with the functionality that facility owners and operators require? Absolutely. Here are some tips and product suggestions to bring your design vision to life while saving your facility from wall damage and replacement costs.



A fresh perspective on wall panels.

The traditional wall panel has been a timeless staple in hotel design for decades. We’ve taken impact-resistant wall panels to the next level by incorporating graphic & imagery integration, custom cut panel shapes, and easier installation options. The new Acrovyn wall panels are resilient against damage and allow designers and brands to create a modern and attractive hotel interior.



Graphics that last.

Graphics add a sense of place, novelty, and can help tie in your design with the local community. However, most areas of the hotel see high-traffic on a daily basis. Walls get bumped, scuffed, and are easily damaged. Because of this, artwork and graphics must be placed high to avoid damage. With Imagitect, you can incorporate murals and graphics in your most heavily used areas without fear of damage. Let the personality of your hotel brand shine with Imagitect wall covering.



Wood grains designed to impress.  

Natural graphics, patterns, and textures can transform your hotel space into a welcoming destination. Whether you are looking to use wall panels or rigid sheet wall covering, the right wood grain can make all the difference in your design. You should never have to settle or sacrifice for outdated looks that don’t coordinate with your hotel’s aesthetic. The Acrovyn Chameleon line of wood grain and metal patterns features 24 patterns chosen for their stylistic versatility and modern appeal.



Protecting surface edges.  

Corner Guards are necessary to protect your walls and corners against damage, but often times the options available are less than exciting. Our surface- and flush-mounted corner guard solutions coordinate with our Acrovyn wall panel systems and sheet to provide a seamless look across your space. If your design requires a less visible approach to corner protection, our clear polycarbonate (LG series) offers invisible protection. For high-end looks, we suggest stainless steel (CO-8) or wood/stainless steel combination (SMWS-10 and SMWS-20 series) finishes.


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