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Utilize this guide to explore the product, order samples, and get a clear picture into the process of getting your design onto your walls. Creating a distinctive identity within retail, restaurant and hospitality environments is critical to the overall success of your brand’s image. With Imagitect, we can reproduce any photo, illustration, wayfinding, branding, or messaging into the high-impact resistance of Acrovyn wall protection.

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Product Information


With Imagitect, photographs, logos, patterns and more can be safely embedded behind our durable Acrovyn wall protection. The installation of this rigid sheet serves as a protective shield for digital imagery while providing impact resistant wall protection. Available in a .040” thickness and in 4’x8’, 4’x10’, and custom CNC’d sizes. Imagitect is PVC free and is engineered to look as good in two years as it did on the day it was installed.

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Imagitect’s endless design possibilities enable our customers to create a space that speaks to their unique brand and engages their customers. Get inspired by our portfolio of creative Imagitect applications below.  


Design Resources

Use the resources below to help you through the process of bringing a design to life.


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    Transform Your Concept

    Bring your artistic concepts to life.

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    Translate Your Material

    Create a custom replication of your design.

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    Modify Your Design

    Make adjustments to your existing design or concept.

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    Choose Your Design

    Explore our Design and Inspiration portfolio.

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    Using Your Design

    Transform your design into reality.

Request a sample

It all starts with a sample, this is where you get to see the vibrancy of our colors and the durability of our material. Order a standard sample, upload your own custom art, or contact us if you need more help.

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Working With Us

The world of customer graphics is dynamic, and with that a variety of support and information is needed for anyone starting the journey. Our resources below will guild you through our ordering process & timelines, the file guidelines for your provided artwork, and the copyright guide designed to highlight usage and ownership rights.

Order Process

We created this document to help you get a better picture of the process and see behind the scenes.

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Image and File Requirements

Please use this checklist as you prepare to send your files to Impact Specialties.

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Copyright Guide

Make sure you’re protected when we’re ready to print. This guide is here to help explain how Copyrights work.

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Nuts & Bolts
Technical Documents

SPEC sheets, Installation Instructions, Care & Maintenance, & Warranties

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