Making a Great First Impression

making a great first impression

resolving your building’s entrance flooring issues

Make the right first impression with our Entrance Flooring Systems, designed to complement your design and aesthetics.
Extend the lifecycle of your main floors by keeping them clean, dry, and safe. Our systems work by scraping dirt and water off footwear, causing the debris to fall through a recess. A positive first impression sets the tone for a great overall guest experience. 


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Did You Know?


  • During dry weather conditions, 1,000 people can track 1/4lb of dirt per day into a building
  • $1 spent keeping soil out of a building will save $10 in removing the soil once it’s inside. 
  • Second only to motor vehicle accidents, slips, trips, and falls are the most frequent accidents leading to personal injury.


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An award winning, statement-making entrance flooring system. A durable and modular, interlocking tile system. Quiet, durable, and highly effective at stopping dirt. 
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