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From the details of the design, to the amenity offerings inside, the hotel experience is strongly connected by comfort and convenience. Hoteliers and designers seek to create an authentic and localized ambiance centered around the brand’s culture.

To help achieve these goals, we provide a range of interior and exterior product solutions that transform the hotel’s brand vision into reality. Explore our hospitality design brochure to find inspiration for your project.  


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Make the first impression with our Entrance Flooring Systems, designed to complement your design aesthetics. Extend the lifecycle of your main floors by keeping them clean, dry, and safe. Our systems work by scraping dirt and water off footwear, causing the debris to fall through a recess. Our systems can be rolled back, allowing for easy cleaning.


The Lobby
The lobby is the most iconic and traveled area in any hotel. It brings your guest together, anticipates their needs, and is the hub for all your hotel’s offerings. We have the products you need to customize and enhance your environment, creating an experience your guests won’t find anywhere else.


Your hotel’s corridors provide a great opportunity to further extend your design and ambiance through the entire space while protecting surfaces from high-traffic damage. Impress your guest with our decorative and functional products that protect and elevate your corridors’ integrity.


Guest Rooms
The guest room is often a “third place” where guests want to feel a sense of ownership and comfort in a unique and clean environment. Our product solutions help you to infuse a sense of place in your design while providing long-lasting protection from typical abuse.


Restaurant & Bar
The restaurant environment is as much a part of the experience as the food it serves. Where it is a breakfast cafe, trendy taqueria, local burger bar, or luxury restaurant, we have product solutions to create your desired guest experience and protect your physical space.


Retail Shops
The conveniences of everyday life is prevalent in today’s hotel. Many in-hotel retail facilities provide local products and necessities to a diversity of travelers. Our collection of products is designed to protect and enhance the design of your retail environment.



Luggage, storage carts, and constant high-traffic use can destroy elevator interiors and lobbies. Our wall protection systems can help extend the life of your elevator interior while looking clean and stylish. 


Meeting Rooms
From corporate events and seminars to parties, meeting rooms attract large groups and potential new guests to your hotel. Choose from our decorative and functional products that bring a professional look to your meeting room space. 


Fitness & Spa
Wellness is a core component of the brand promise for many hotels. The fitness and spa facilities should reflect the level of design, durability, and cleanliness that all areas of your hotel endeavor to maintain.


Back of House
Functionality, cleanliness, and safety are important factors in designing for back-of-applications. We have products that function to maintain cleanliness and efficiency, extending the lifecycle of your building’s interiors.


Our palette of product solutions enables designers and facility operators to select from a collection that protects the store from damage, prevents the customer from accidental injury, enhances the well-being of employees, and supports the design of the environment.

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