• Dominoes Pizza takes advantage of new

    Dominoes Pizza utilizes Imagitect to protect their design. With Imagitect, custom graphic walls are printed behind acrovyn wall protection to create graphics that will not peel, fade or tear as well as graphics that are impact proof and work as wall protection

  • Imagitect used to create a custom graphic accent wall for this restaurant. Create graphics that will not fade, peel or scratch with imagitect

  • Imagitect used to create a custom graphic wall that will last and not fade.

  • This hotel is using Imagitect on the wall above the bead to bring a strong customized graphic that will not only protect the wall but is UV proof and impact proof.

  • Imagitect works well in creating a feature wall as shown in this image! Create feature graphic walls that will not peel or scrape with Imagitect!

  • Imagitect used in hotels to create high profile custom walls that will not fade, tear or peel.

  • A unique designer wall made by Imagitect to perform wall protection while bringing a graphic elevation to the room.


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Vibrant graphics and tools for visual identity are critical to increasing the overall customer experience in any environment.  Until now, retail, restaurant, and hotel designers had to position graphics outside the boundaries of customer traffic or else risk damage and replacement. With Imagitect, we can reproduce any photo, illustration, graphics, wayfinding, branding, or messaging into the high-impact resistance of Acrovyn wall protection.

  • High-resolution images embedded onto the reverse side of clear Acrovyn
  • Unlimited visual possibilities without damage to the graphics or the wall.
  • Available in 4′ x 8′ , 4′ x 10′, and custom sizes upon request
  • Installed with water-based mastic adhesive


Imagitect allows graphics to go where they have never gone before.


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